Android Workshop in NUST SEECS

We conducted a 3-days hands-on workshop in NUST SEECS on Android Application development.

We covered many topics starting and created few apps from the very basic “Hello World” to as complex as a “Weather App”.

The workshop was conducted by two co-founders of TeeSpire namely Sohaib Basit and Syed Matih Abbas Jafri.

One thought on “Android Workshop in NUST SEECS

  1. Nice effort of Academia and industry collaboration. In the old days, mechanical pumps, compressors, valves, relays, and actuators did the work in industrial companies. Situational awareness came from analog gauges, and skilled and trusted engineers communicated with headquarters via landline telephone circuits. Other than tampering with the supply chain or co-opting an employee, the only way a saboteur could disrupt operations was to go to the plant and bypass the three physical pillars of security: gates, guards, and guns.

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    It would have a great Impact of technology on business.

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